Telly Me About It

We are very honored to be recognized for the second consecutive year by the Telly Awards! This year we were awarded a 2016 Bronze Telly for our work on the Synaptics title, “Secure the Digital Lifestyle.” Our clients have many choices when it comes to media production, and we love to honor their trust in us with award-winning work. To read more about how important trust is to us, please read this post from the 2015 Telly Award cycle.

Secure the Digital Lifestyle

Last October, our client approached us about creating an engaging video to highlight their Natural ID™ technology for CES 2015. It was very important to see actual users using the technology in real-life scenarios, as opposed to relying on generic stock media. By planning weeks in advance our production team was able to block out, light, and shoot all of the required scenes in one day for the bulk of the content. Knowing that the sensor technology was the focus of the messaging, we loaded the shot list with close-ups so that the audience could clearly see the critical user actions. Have a look…

Secure the Digital Lifestyle // Synaptics

Prepare to Make History

The best part about a plan is having one. In order for us to bring the best value to our clients we strive to allow for ample planning time, sometimes months in advance of a deadline. This project had the benefits of an early discovery phase, multiple script and storyboard revisions, an efficient shooting schedule, and ultimately a very intentional post-production period. Speaking of post, one of the areas that we are very proud of was our touchscreen overlays. Upon filming, we knew the exact shots that would be necessary for post-production. This not only decreased our filming time per shot, but also gave us tremendous confidence when it came time for the screen UI replacements.

Let’s Do This

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