Keepin’ It Real Estate

One of our favorite situations is when a client approaches us with big ideas. They want something… different. They want something… new. They want to appeal to their audience in a visceral way. They want to share their vision, not simply share facts or information. We recently had the privilege to work with The Palacios Group, a premiere real-estate group in the South Santa Clara County region and they have a BIG vision.

Of course they buy and sell homes for their clients, and they have a strong reputation in the community to back it up. However, when they approached us they said that they want people to imagine their future LIFESTYLE not simply their future house. We immediately understood what they meant from a visual narrative point-of-view and so we proceeded to work on script and visuals that would emphasize that idea. Within a few weeks their 30-second commercial spot landed in local movie theaters just in time for the summer movie season.

Lifestyle Morgan Hill // The Palacios Group

Crewzin’ Together

Great ideas require great execution. Once we understand the needs of a particular project, we assemble just the right ingredients to make it happen. In this case we knew that we needed an experienced crew who brought equal parts talent and experience to pull it off. We knew that we had to get through 4 to 5 setups, each with considerably different lighting configurations, all within a single day. So we turned to Andy Olson, Chris Baldwin, and Neil Bates to help execute the creative vision that we had in mind. From a simulated dawn-relight in the kitchen, to a full-sun outdoor scene, and a cozy after dinner fireside hangout, the crew nailed every single shot that we had envisioned (with extra shots to spare)!

Andy Olson // Grip Lighting Olson
Andy Olson and Neil Bates
Chris Baldwin // Shoulder High Productions

Don’t Wine, Win!

As much as we are artists at Creative Bay Media, we are also business professionals. We really want to see your message delivered in a way that positions you to win! Whether you are anticipating a product launch, re-envisioning an HR strategy, or inventing the next big thing we want to partner with you to dream big and deliver big.

Let’s toast to that!

Lifestyle Morgan Hill