Home Sweet Homepage

We were trusted by the marketing teams at Synaptics to produce a home page video for their recent web redesign (visit synaptics.com). They wanted to use video to feature several major business units in a creative and compelling way. We worked with them to create visual spaces that would accurately reflect “real life” scenarios. The result was this carefully crafted, 30-second loop:

(Presented here WITHOUT audio as was intentional for this project)

Concept to Production

As with any project we worked with our client to establish “the why.” The client knew that they wanted to highlight the business units in a way that seemed true to real life. Once we established what these scenes would look like it was time for production. At Creative Bay Media we work hard to assemble the proper team in order to yield the best results for each project… and this was a great one!

Production to Delivery

After filming was completed, we worked with our client to assess the “best shots” for the 30-second loop. Post-production consisted of editing, color grading, screen replacements, and flaring effects to help blend the scenes together.

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