Predictive Policing

Last year we were approached by the marketing team at PredPol to create a series of campaign videos to help communicate the benefits of their unique approach to “predictive policing.” PredPol software is utilized by law enforcement agencies across the country to increase patrol effectiveness by leveraging existing departmental crime data. The resulting output is designed to augment existing patrol practices by defining “boxes” or regions of increased crime probability.

One out of a series of six campaign videos

We’ve Got Your Background

At the onset of the project, the client wanted to be able to utilize the video messaging in various ways (web, email links, future video campaigns), and did not want to get “locked into” a particular look and feel. As such we opted to utilize a green screen approach that would serve the immediate need, but also allow for future creative iterations. Filming was completed at Studio FCC in San Jose, CA and the talent was composited into a bright office background.


On set at Studio FCC in San Jose, CA

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