The Story Behind the Story

At Creative Bay Media we put a high priority on storytelling; in fact, only the word “[audience] experience” supersedes the value we put on “story.”  The visual medium in which we participate necessitates that we help our clients “tell their story” in a compelling way for their customers. One of the ways that we practice storytelling is through observation. We decided to debut “Behind the Story” as a way for us to observe stories that others tell.

Producing Produce

Creative Bay Media was recently invited to participate in a photo shoot for the “Connect 7.2” issue of Content Magazine. We stayed behind the camera, of course, and filmed video to document the experience.  Photographer Daniel Garcia (@thecultivator) led a team on set at Studio FCC to capture the intended theme for their editorial, “Produce.” The full credits are included at the end of the episode and in the YouTube and Vimeo descriptions.

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