Tutorials, No More Nor Less

So you’ve got this great app, and now you want to show users how to get started. When it comes to tutorial videos there isn’t any time for bells & whistles. You need minimally viable tutorials to quickly showcase your app. SanDisk recently asked Creative Bay Media to create a set of tutorial videos to efficiently explain the features of their SanDisk Connect™ mobile app. We created ten short videos, like the one below, which were then distributed onto the product landing page and video channels.

Beyond the Tutorial

You and your teams have put so much time and money into your earth-changing app idea, but then the moment of truth arrives. Will people actually USE your app? At Creative Bay Media we always want our clients to rise above the noise and get noticed. We’ve even invented a word to help our client’s apps get noticed, “appdancing”.


Take the First Step

Trust Creative Bay Media with your next app video, whether your need is tutorial or promotional. In either case, we promise to make you look great. Contact us today to schedule a free discovery meeting!